May I just say that I’m absolutely loving this blogging past time, hobby, obsession! I am honored to have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award by such a seasoned blogger and you can read her amazing material at: finding satorie

The blogs are extremely honest and real and from the heart and I began following the site from the start!!

The following are the questions that satorie whom nominated me gave to me to answer so here we go….

If you had to eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Well , to this question, I had to think very hard. I would say, it would be CEREAL! Any type of cereal! But right now I’m obsessed with special K coconut , almond and I’m also obsessed with Kashi cocoa cinnamon which is nearly impossible to find… I purchased a box at big lots and since then I’ve been on a kashi hunt. I even called the company and said I need your cereal because it is healthy but tastes like dessert. They told me which stores carry it and I went on a hot pursuit to buy 6 boxes! Haaa

What is your favorite board game?

My favorite board game is the one that I wanted so badly as a child: HI HO CHERRIO! I was obsessed and wanted it so bad because my friend had it . I bought it first thing when I had kids. The most amazing thing however, was I found the original 40 year old version when my husband and I cleaned out his childhood home and cleaned out the attic only for me to find the piece d resistance! The original with the cherry treee that sticks up! The actual cherry on top of my childhood wish! Pardon the pun….

Would you rather crab claws for hands or a snake for a tongue?

WEll This question requires no thinking,I’m deathly afraid of snakes and I love crab claws so…..

What is your favorite book to read when you are sad?

When I’m sad, I do not read a lot… this is a tough question… when I’m sad my mind wonders too much and I can not focus enough to read. I do my best reading at my beach house because that’s my happy place.

Who’s your favorite singer/band?

I do love music! I guess the answer to this would be what the rest of America thinks. My favorite all time band is the Eagles. They just surpassed the Beatles in sales a month ago.

Are you an introvert, extravert or ambivert ? I am definitely an ambivert. I’ve never met a stranger and can carry on a conversation with anyone at all. On the flip side, I love to be alone. I can spend two days or three without seeing a soul, but then I want to get out and be around people. I am very happy being with me, but also like to connect with my peeps …

If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you do with the money?

I have a friend going thru a heated divorce battle. She does not have much money and she was married to a horrible person. I would like to really pay for her court fees and get what she deserves from that s.o.b.

Then I would just carry on and stick it all in my account to spend on frivolous extras when I want them. Aka good chocolate and my grandsons!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor: 

it is coconut almond!. Amazing!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started because I feel as I would love to write about my life, however I do not have the attention span,or patience or commitment that it would take to write a whole book, but I can collaborate small passages and stories. I’m loving it so far.

How much cheese is too much cheese? I adore cheese! When I was 12 my father got a job right at the Illinois and Wisconsin line. Can you say dairy cow? Can you say freezing cold also? Cheese shops were as plentiful as gas stations. We acquired a taste for many types and always had crackers and cheese and summer sausage and wonderful mustards and crocks full of port wine cheese! We would spread it all out and eat it for lunch! Yummm

Are you a cat person or a dog person? I know that satorie would want me to answer cats because she loves them. However( sorry) I am a dog person. I’ve had two cats and one , jumped out of my arms when i was holding her in the vet and ran into the lobby about the time that someone was opening the door of the vet clinic. She ran out the door and literally ran away. We went for weeks to find her. Our other cat Heidi, would b so sweet one minute and then just out of the blue she would reach up and scratch whomever… so with that said, my dogs over the years have loved me unconditionally and without being fickle!

A big shout out to my nomination by satorie to the sunshine blogger award! I hope you like my answers to her questions!

my questions that I’m asking the people that I am nominating are as follows:

Are you a lake, beach or river lover? Or just don’t like water?

Favorite two books that you love?

What kind of relationship are you in and for how long?

What is your dream job and have you ever had that job?

When you pack for a trip, what’s that one item of clothing that you always take?

The house is on fire, and everyone is out of the house safely and you have time to grab one thing. What’s that something that you do not want to be burned?

your favorite cereal?

What is your best talent?

Who’s your favorite child? Just kidding….. that could cause a family crisis.. the question is : how many kids or grand children do you have.

It’s Labor Day… what is the one thing you wanted to do this summer that you accomplished???

Have you ever visited NOrth Carolina and if you did, why were you here?

Good luck!

I would like to nominate:



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