Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

The above quote was by Benjamin Franklin and is so very true….

24 years ago I began teaching preschool at my church preschool. My children were in preschool there and my very good friend and I took over a class when the teacher quit the job before the end of the year.

So, fast forward 24 years later, my grandchildren started in the two year program at the school last week. I can’t believe that time has passed that quickly . I have loved my job, although some years a bit more challenging than others, it has been so rewarding especially when a child is proud of them self. When that light bulb goes off in a child or when they paint a picture and they can’t believe they created it, that’s when as a teacher you feel as if you have won the prize. It’s a win win for everyone. Confidence is something that can not be taught but has to be experienced.

I am a believer, that children learn from playing with others. I believe that a child does better in kindergarten if they have been in a preschool environment at least a few days a week. They learn how to be a student, how to be patient, how to be around other kids and how to share not only toys but the attention of the teacher. They learn how to sit down and be still and LISTEN!

I now teach four year pre-k with an amazing team of other teachers. We have many educational goals but one of the most important goals I feel is to teach these kids to be supportive and kind to each other. To be a good friend, respectful to their parents and teachers. To be thankful and use their manners. The most important attribute in a four year old however needs to be that they can be with other kids and learn to be socially at ease and to be a well rounded child.

There are many things that I think build a well rounded child,

1. A good listener and good communicator. This is so important

2. Build CREATIVITY. This is vital, and really gets taught in preschool thru art, music, dancing, creativity becomes innovation. Kids love to just paint. I give a child a paintbrush and just a few paint colors and they love it! They are proud of themselves and their masterpiece. Also play acting or just acting like a monkey or hopping like a frog.

3.Show or tell – show or tell is a big day for a child, which they do not realize it but that child is learning and growing as a person when they get to do this. By getting up in front of the class to show their favorite toy or book etc, this gives the child confidence in speaking in front of others.

4. Playground time and free play time in the classroom are as important as their learning time. Exercise stimulates the brain and kids crave outside playtime and inside make believe time.

My little fours

Be silly and dance like you just don’t care

Spin around or blow bubbles in the air

Learning how to play and share

Practice writing or draw a purple bear

That’s how we roll at our school because we care ! !

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