Go West young man, go west…. and so we did….

My current situation is the following: I live in the eastern part of NC and also have a beach home very close to the beach. Sounds perfect and 99 percent of the time is pretty darn awesome. However like many things, sometimes you get too comfortable in your perfect little world and you get hit with a dose of reality that some things are out of your control.

Ms Florence a HUGE hurricane slipped up the Atlantic Ocean and decided to take a little inland tour thru north and South Carolina and as you see below is forecasted to go north then back out to sea and it’s not ever so unlikely that they do a loop and give you another round.

Two years ago in the Fall hurricane Matthew came ashore in South Carolina and headed due north right thru our hometown. We live near a big river which two years ago was already high and 10 inches of rain got dumped on us very quickly. Let’s just say, it shut that town down for 3 weeks straight. No water and no electricity get really tough to deal with, but we were fortunate that our home did not flood, but thousands of homes flooded in our county. Everyone was unprepared for that storm even Jim cantores was surprised and was broadcasting from our town we were all shocked how the storm had turned and poured a deluge over eastern NC.

This time, my husband suggested that my daughter and her twin boys and I go stay with my son in the north western area of NC. He said that he and my son in law would play boy Scout , camping in the house, eating pork and beans, etc and keep the generators going to get power to the house. This time I was not going to be stuck and unable to leave for several days. So we packed up my daughters car to the roof with two pack and plays, two strollers, much of my frozen food that I would probably lose and, all four of us high tailed it to the hills, foothills that is.

My husband and I were supposed to leave this past weekend on a glorious trip to drive all around the beautiful New England states. Needless to say , we had to cancel our trip. All flights were canceled anyway, but we couldn’t leave two homes in bad shape during this time. As of this afternoon, the eye went very close to our beach home but it had been downgraded from a hurricane status of 4 to a 2. The problem with this storm is the slow rate in which it is traveling which is 2mpg and it’s about 500 miles wide. So Flo has been taking her own sweet time getting across the state and sitting on areas for days on end just crying a river of hurricane tears upon our state. It has been downgraded to tropical storm Florence but she’s slow as molasses in her progression.

My daughter and I are keeping the twins very entertained as we stay at my sons however the rain has reached here as well from the storm. There are tons of kid friendly things t do, and places to walk and explore so we will not return until we get power and water, we may even have to find a sunny spot and safely make that our destination. You never know where we will end up but continuous prayers are needed for the whole state Of north and South Carolina as they are dealing with flooding.

We went west with our two x two , but we may need the arc to put them in.

Stay safe friends. My cut