Rain rain please find a drain….

BEA96DCD-216B-4997-8B80-C03A3C3C897B.pngThis is my son in law showing how deep the water was Sunday in the house that he and my daughter and the twins live in. You can see the trampoline in the back yard and seven feet behind that trampoline there is normally a small creek that is a few miles long. The creek usually has about a foot of water in it. Our town flooded terribly from hurricane Florence. The house that you can not see, flooded in one part of the home. The duct work and heat pumps have been messed up from the torrential three day rain. This is one story in the thousands upon thousands of homes that have been destroyed or highly damaged in the aftermath of Florence.  The next picture is a shot taken from a drone that catches the flooding around a huge gas station that appears small. The water is almost to the roof.  image_559072623986325

My son and husband remain in the town without electricity, and my daughter and I and the twins are still in north western N.C. staying at my son’s  house. Please pray for the people of south eastern N.C. as they try to recover once again from a terrible flood. Most of these people were told two years ago when this happened that it was called the hundred year flood and the odds that it would happen again in their lifetime were slim. Well….. here they go again…

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  1. This is all so very sad, we didn’t flood here but we were very scared because we live less than a mile from the Cape Fear river. So thankful you got away!

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