CRY me a River


   Interstate 40 coming into Wilmington NC

    People are weary

September in NC can be full of excitement with football season, families getting back to a routine and  cooler temps on the horizon, but this September has been full of too much angst among many eastern North Carolinians.    If you have read my previous two blogs, then you know that eastern NC just got hit a week ago with a monster of a storm 500 miles wide, in which dropped up to 30-35 inches of rain in some places.  

As my daughter and I returned to our hometown, we had to use a great app called waze which I’m sure most people have heard of, but when you live in a small town you do not have much use for.  Traffic in our town is minimal.  The waze app showed us which roads were closed due to flooding.     We meandered thru country roads that had just opened up and the waters were diminishing but we saw devastation all around us.  Mobile homes and Trailer parks are as common to our area as shells are to a beach.  We live in a very flat low lying terrain. We have a lovely river that snakes it’s way thru our county and many ditches and creeks.   Our county has much poverty, and many families living paycheck to paycheck.   Two years ago, I mentioned that the county was devastated by a huge hurricane that flooded several counties.  Our church had a group of Mennonites that lived in our church for a year and they unselfishly gave of their time and skills as master carpenters to rebuild homes for people that did not have the means to pay  for the repairs themselves.  One of the Mennonite young men lost their life in a tragic accident coming back from the job site.  This was devastating to their family, their community and to our church.  

I have thought of the mennonites that lived and sacrificed for our community for a year and even lost a life in the process as they this week heard about the new flooding from their far away homes that they returned to.    All of that work that they did and so many others did and the hours that many  groups from all over the country invested time and money into is washed again in river sludge and travesty .

This is  what I believe:  I tend to want to let God off the hook when people blame him for bad things happening.  People tend to ask, how could God allow this to happen again to these people.   My belief is indeed bad things do happen. God is not punishing the unbelievers.  Trust me, in the county I’m from, there are many believers.  The following quotes are from pastor Lautzer of the Moodychurch in Chicago which is a very diverse church .

When disasters come, they fall equally on Christians and non-Christians,” Lutzer says. “Everyone is affected. Natural disasters do not separate the righteous from the wicked.”

Lutzer’s view is that through suffering, God reminds religious believers that life is short and full of uncertainty, and that disasters may sometimes serve to deepen one’s faith.

This is so trueeeee to me. God did not choose destruction to make us notice him, or to attack a state because of bad behavior.  We are a state of many believers, non believers, good and bad people. However, I do know that Storms metaphorically and nonmetaphorically happen and we must unite together

In our last hurricane, this is where we saw Grace taking place.  I do know that God is in control of all things and what I’ve witnessed in times of these hurricanes is that looting unfortunately does occur and sometimes the worst in people does come out but on the flip side also people come together as a community and lend a hand, pray, help, give and heal together.

While  my daughter and I escaped the flooding before hand and couldn’t get back until recently many of my friends and neighbors stayed and went to help out at a nursing home close by.  They helped with cooking, getting the meals out to the residents etc. the residents loved having them and my friends enjoyed having something to do and enjoyed being needed.

I received a call two days ago from a friend, who’s home is completely under water, and she explained that a faith based group was at her home ripping out all the wet Sheetrock and insulation and after they were finished she said they could come and remove the wet areas in my daughter’s home.  The people had driven in from all over the country.  They were only asking for a donation for their church.  Good gracious yes we want them to come help she and her husband out! It’s times like these that I look at myself and think, WHAT Is wrong with you sista! Why aren’t you out there doing something to help people. There are incredible, kind, loving people in the world.

In times of trouble,  God comes to me speaking words of wisdom… let it be Lord let it be.

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