I’ll have a side of bluegrass with that please!

Growing up, my family loved all kinds of music… our music spectrum was wide. My dad was always the choir director at millbrook Methodist church, my brother played the organ and piano in church in raleigh and at Bethesda Methodist and my other brother Paul sang and sister too.  I sang solos when very young in church but not very musically confident today…like my siblings were.  My parents played records all the time and took dance lessons at the Arthur Murray dance studio and practiced at night. Music, dancing and love of music as I’ve said in a previous blog were a big part of our life growing up. When my parents had get togethers, many times it ended up that everyone stood around the piano as my brother, Belton, dazzled everyone with his ability to play any song anyone shouted out. He has passed away, but his music ability with a piano was astounding and his son Michael, had exactly the same talent. Truly amazing how you can inherit a talent identical to your parent.

So, I guess you get it, we love  music!🎶🎶

Thank goodness I married a man that loves music way more than I do! I have never ever met anyone with a wider range of music genres that he enjoys. His playlist ranges from The doors, Frank Zappa, Allison Krauss, Mumford and sons, nickel creek to the Four tops, Bread, America and then back around to Prince and any early eighties bands. Yes wide open music! He is into his jams and actually, he would never sing in front of others but he can sing anything and has a super great voice.

There’s not a southerner over 50 that on Saturday night did not witness their parents or grandparents watching Porter Wagner, Dolly Parton or the grand ole Opry.  But today’s new bluegrass is not your grandmas bluegrass.  It has come a long way. My husband and I really love Balsam  range and Sierra Hull but we now have a long list we’ve listened to this week after being introduced to new bluegrass.  Balsam range playing the Allman BrothersOne Way Out:   

We are so lucky that for the last few years the national bluegrass festival has been in Raleigh NC. The last two years we have attended the festival. In the late sixties one of my brothers would trek to the hills to go to the fiddlers festival, and i always thought that would be so fun to go to. This past weekend boy did we get our ears full of the best music and the most talented musicians we have ever heard ever. These musicians are artists in their fields. I have never seen violins 🎻 (fiddles) in bluegrass and guitars played so fast or with such musical perfection the likes I’ve never seen.  These are the true musical artists. 

Now here in lies the problem with Gracie listening to foot stomping music all day, I can’t be still in my seat. The need to kick up my heels just about kills me. It’s impossible to not want to dance a jig. Well I got my chance this year. On saturday afternoon they had clogging classes to learn the basics. When my daughter was young, several young girls took clogging classes and I sat in wishing I had some clogging shoes as well, and learned most of the steps.

On Saturday evening they have a huge concert in the red hat amphitheater and this is the grand finale to the weekend. There is a new day in this genre called and it’s perfectly named “newgrass,” that combines rock, country, Cajun and sometimes even an island beat. Let’s just say, it is definitely unique and just amazing!

Below you can listen to Love Canon, play , Islands in the stream . Although this is a seventies song, they take other eighties songs and bluegrass them up! Whatever your view of bluegrass is , if you like it or not, wide open bluegrass in raleigh every year may make you Love it but if you don’t there are enough food trucks there to fill your culinary delights!