Let’s Fall Into It

About four years ago, this was how my Japanese maple looked at this time of year. If anyone paid attention in 7th grade science clsss, they will remember that chlorophyll is what gives the leaf it’s green color.  There are many environmental factors that determine if you will have an explosion of fall majesty or a sepia toned Fall.  Below is my tree today. As you can see quite a difference along with a chart that shows how weather controls the color change.

• Heavy wind or rain can cause the leaves to fall before they fully develop color.Abundant sunlight and low temperatures after the abscission layer forms cause the chlorophyll to be destroyed more rapidly.

  • Cool air (especially at night) with a lot of daytime sunshine promote the formation of more red and purple pigments.
  • Freezing conditions destroy the leaf’s ability to manufacture the red and purple pigments. Early frost will end the colorful foliage.
  • Drought during the growing season can cause the abscission layer to form early and cause the leaves to drop before they change color.
  • The best weather for brilliant fall foliage is a growing season with ample moisture followed by a dry, cool and sunny autumn with warm days and cool but frostless nights.
  • Heavy wind or rain can cause the leaves to fall before they fully develop color.

As you can read above, the year that my Japanese maple appeared so lovely, we must have had a good amount of rain but not too much with dry and cool days.

This year, we could not have a better set up for a more blah display of color. We had very little rain in August and very hot days so far this fall. However,  then we had too much rain with our flooding of southeastern NC and heavy wind and rain from our last bout of crazy weather from the affects of hurricane Michael.

Our first cool night came two nights ago. Yesterday was glorious! My husband and I had a mess in the yard due to hurricane Michael blowing leaves, pine ones etc. around so we worked in the yard all day. Sometimes it just feels amazing to work and see the results at the end of the day of your work! I walked 18,000 steps my Fitbit said.  I wish it could measure how often I bent down to pick up debris!

Our trees are forlorn and wearing the look of their tired and weary selves.. I believe you could have probably heard the collective intake of breath as people opened their doors yesterday morning to a spectacular Carolina blue sky and a crisp nip in the air. Then the exhale of relief that was expelled that signified, God is good, and this day is a gift. I got full use of my good weather gift, and will continue today to make things right with my soul as I enjoy. Another workday outside. A big shoutout to our senator Danny Britt, who pushed to get flyovers of mosquito control insecticides and mosquito trucks to go thru neighborhoods. I only saw one mosquito all day! Those things were like the size of wasps a couple weeks ago.

So…today, as I woke up early, after crashing at 9:00 last night, I slept with my windows open, and gave thanks as I awoke for the cool dry morning. I’ll leave you with this lovely autumn leaves song…


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  1. Thanks Gracie for reminding me to pay attention to the good that’s around me and to be thankful for it!

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