I’ll just throw some steak on the Barbie

close photography of grilled meat on griddle
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

We usually have always had a gas grill, but it just finally gave up and died.  We went to purchase a new gas grill and decided to go old school with a Weber charcoal grill.

Remember  those days of summer when, as a kid, you played all day, got a bit sunburned, had a fabulous day and then ran home to eat, and as you approached home, you smelled burgers cooking on the grill   Oh the sizzle of good old hamburger grease dripping over the coals.  Then the joy of sinking your teeth into a juicy hamburger and French fries that have been cut from real potato’s and fried in a fry daddy. Boy there was nothing better than those nights.

The other night I purchased two large ribeyes and my husband grilled them on the grill. I made a potato dish and we had fresh beans with it.  Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying when you feel protein deficient than a good steak.

So then why do people have to rain on my parade by telling me that charcoal cooking will cause cancer. What? I grew up on charcoal burgers, chicken and hot dogs and grilled fresh fish.  There’s no comparison to the taste of vegetables or meat cooked on charcoal or gas.  I did read that only meat cooked crisp on the grill collects the carcinogens. Fruit or vegetables do not have that problem.

i decided to research the details about this carcinogen deal. Here’s the info I found:

Does Grilling Make Food Carcinogenic?

So why is it everything that’s yummy or fun, somebody has to throw a wrench in that plan or menu?

Another example of this :  recently I heard that people that drink orange juice every morning run a risk for cancer… what?? Florida’s number one product that is pure orange deliciousness that wakes my tastebuds up in the morning can cause harm?When I heard this, I thought screw it… I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I will just drink and eat what I want in moderation and just live and not worry about all of the risks .

Can we have too much info thrown at us?   Should we heed the warnings or just try to eat healthy, drink in moderation. Exercise regularly and of course don’t forget to eat your chocolate, and thank Goodness. That’s still good for us!