Moon Dance

I have some paintings that I will never sell.  This is one.  With the time change now, we are more aware of the dance of the moon. I have many skylights in my home. I get to see the dance of the moon as it circles around my house at night thru the vast amount of pines and oaks in my back yard.  Although I always dread the time change,, it does put me in the mood to cook in that as the weather turns cooler, I love settling in to a warm house, plentiful soups or stews and a good book.  I’ve written before how I love van morrison and his simple ease with his guitar and the beauty of his words.  Moondance is a favorite of mine, and hence the painting. is a wonderful haiku writer whom likes to take my paintings and other way more fabulous works of art and develop a haiku or use one that’s infamous, like the one below that she borrowed from the manataka American Indians:


5 thoughts on “Moon Dance

  1. I loved the veteran day blog.
    . Such special memories of your mother. Loved the pictures. EddiE recognized his Dad immediately. thanks

    1. Hi Diana! That was actually my dad! I did though put info on there about the carpetbaggers.

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