When the trick involves needles

When my kids were young my husband would rig up his John Deere lawn mower and a trailer and we would pick up our best friends and their kids and enjoy a night of fun in the neighborhood. I always fixed sloppy joes on Halloween night because that’s what I remember eating on Halloween when I was young. Well this year, we upgraded our tradition! One of the other kids going with us, grandfather had this little gem! A six passenger atv, and we hooked up a trailer and we rode in style! My daughter , her husband, the twins, two other couples and their kids! Pizza and drinks in the bed of the atv! Good times!


As a child, if you asked me what my favorite holiday was, I would probably have said Halloween. I was always imaginative with my costume selection. I never ever had a bought costume. Remember those horrible masks that just had the elastic piece on the back and they came in a package from Kmart or Eckerds with a highly flammable costume that would ignite even if you were ten feet from a jack-o-lantern. Yea, well that’s not how I rolled.

One of my brothers, dated the head majorette at Broughton high school in the late sixties. This was when baton twirling was in full twirl. I idolized that baton twirler, but I yearned for those white boots with the large Pom Pom on the front of them. Most years I recreated my baton twirling outfit but I never got the boots. I would just make yarn Pompoms and tie them to my Kmart go go boots when I was 6! For years I walked around twirling a baton between my fingers yearning to one day be a majorette. By the time I was in high school, I settled for being a cheerleader . My favorite get-ups were years later, hippy inspired. Hey, it was the seventies and I had 3 older siblings.

To a child, the thought of traipsing thru your neighborhood and just knocking on a door and receiving candy, OHMy!!! It really doesn’t get any better than this. It just doesn’t… in a kid’s mind. However, at 55 I still love Halloween. I’ve taught preschool for 24 years, and I’ve usually always painted my face or worn a costume to school to join in on the fun.

I recall when I was around 10 growing up in raleigh, the next morning hearing about a razor blade being found in someone’s candy. This was extremely upsetting in our school and community. It just seemed unfathomable to me, and I remember going home that November 1 school day and dumping out my candy on the floor and just staring at it. We were told at school to have our parents examine all of our candy. Now I was and always have been a chocolate junkie, so of course after trick or treating, I always hid all the good stuff , snickers, baby Ruth’s, mounds, Reece’s,m&m’s etc. deep within my closet so that I could have one a day for about a month. The other stuff, apples, those gross orange wrapped peanut butter tasting chews, circus peanuts, Mary Janes and bubble gum were in full view. I could not reveal my good candy for inspection or my parents would want some. That’s how my mind worked and my chocolate hoarding mind still works that way today. I did, however from then on have to get my loot examined carefully by my mom. She wanted each piece cut in half. Ughhhh.

This past Thursday afternoon as I watched the nightly news, a story appeared about a child in NC that had been trick or treating that had been given snickers with needles in them. The child had bitten into the candy and the needle pierced the roof of his mouth and injured his tongue and gums however he spit it out thank goodness. My thought has always been, that any person that would injure a child must be the most evil vile excuse for a human being that there is. My second thought was that this could have been my grandsons or a child in my class and it absolutely breaks my heart… What is wrong with people. What kind of world is this??? Disturbingly that currently hearing that someone has been injured by a crazy person opening rounds at a concert, church etc is becoming a regular report? Is it wacky that I am disturbed even more by the candy bar demon that did that evil deed. It defies me that anyone would set out to hurt an innocent child.

This just makes me beyond sad. It makes me soo angry. I’m a firm believer in an eye for an eye … If the punishment for a crime or a crime involving injury, was the same injury that was inflicted, I believe there would be less crimes. But maybe it would not deter the sickos in the least. I wish they could catch this person and make them eat tainted food laced with needles for the rest of their lives. Hopefully that life would be short lived so that our tax dollars would not go to clothe, feed, and house a person that would take the time to insert needles into kids candy. I am sure however, that if caught, and if this person serves jail time, fellow inmates do not allow an easy time for child abusers… There is a bit of justice there… Are we to live a life of fear? I can’t live like that. I still trust a little too much. I have to live a life looking for good and cautiously realistic but for the most part trusting in mankind.


4 thoughts on “When the trick involves needles

  1. Your words are beautiful! I love reading your posts. I’m thinking you need to write a book! Oh, and thank you so much for the cowboy boots! Julia wore them to school today and is so proud of them. You are too, too sweet! ❤

    1. I love that sweet Julia! Thank you for reading my blog! I do not have the attention span that it would take to write a book! But thank you for the vote of confidence Ellen. I’ve thought of you all and prayed for you daily. Love to all of you

  2. Your words are wonderful! I absolutely love reading your posts. I’m thinking you should write a book. Oh, thank you so much for the cowboy boots! Julia wore them to school today and is so proud of them. You are too, too sweet! ❤

  3. Halloween is such a great holiday for children! The mystery of dressing up, traipsing around after dark, and oh the candy! I also hate that you have to investigate the loot before it can be enjoyed, but I’m pretty sure that small sacrifice doesn’t ruin it for the little one, especially if they’ve grown up that way.

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