The strength that lies beyond….

I am currently reading an extremely intriguing book based on the relationship between Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis. It is a literary bonanza in the mentioning of quotes from different books from literary geniuses of this era. Becoming Mrs Lewis is historical fiction based on the amazing lives of these two writers where the characters are real people in history but the narrative comes to life based on many facts gathered by the accomplished writer, Patti Callahan.

the Narnia books by C. S. Lewis started forming in his mind when at 16, he read a book called Phantastes. In this book, there’s a quote in which I love that states:

Past tears are present strength…

Truer words have never been spoken. I’m a firm believer that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. But sometimes in the midst of tears we can’t see the strength that lies beyond.

However I digressed.   I am not a fan of the Narnia chronicles and do not enjoy mystical fairy tails to that degree but I love Disney fairy tales, But of course! I struggled thru The lion the withch and the wardrobe in high school, while the boys in the class loved it. I have, however read’- Mere Christianity, ny Lewis and live the quote.


I like his insight into Christianity and life . I had never read anything by Joy Davidman, the writer, poet who captured C. S. Lewis’ attention in the forties and fifties. Both of these writers experienced trying times and were both adults when they had life changing wake up calls and an audible call from God that woke them up from a life of non belief.

Yesterday I watched as my grandsons participated in a tiny Christmas program at our preschool where one twin dressed as Joseph, and one twin was a shepherd boy. As A few kids did hand motions to Silent Night. Joseph, hand motioned Silent night to perfection as our little shepherd boy, stood with hand in pocket but looking adorable, I couldn’t help but get choked up at the innocence and simple belief that a child possesses and the sweetness they feel toward little baby Jesus. I find that sometimes, as adults we over complicate the simple messages that the Bible brings or just the mysteries of The kingdom of God. I know I do…I’m a thinker and a delver. I overthink sometimes messages from the Bible. I’ve doubted, I’ve believed, I’ve doubted again and held to beliefs, and questioned others wholeheartedly for many years. But as a child I had such an intense love of a nativity scene and message from many Sunday school teachers regarding the journey of Mary and Joseph and that long night in the stable. The childhood innocence and adoration of that little baby in a manger by a child is so sweet and pure. As my grandsons stood in church with silent night playing. The message is HOPE. We are given new Hope each Christmas that miracles do happen in the form of a new baby.

C. s. Lewis writes , “We are not necessarily questioning that God will do his best for us, we are wondering how the best will turn out to be” We are the silly adults that complicate the message as we grow older and dissect the Bible and learn more about life.  it’s when we delve too deeply I believe , when doubts and questions set in.

Oh to the age of innocence. Sometimes we should believe as a child and trust our inner spirit that tells us to put faith in God’s gift to the world.   Don’t shake the presents that God gives us.  I enjoyed this book, although at times it was slow however  It is definitely full of thought provoking questions and answers.