Black eyed peas to help us thru the year


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I never remember a New Years Day growing up that I didn’t eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. We were not a superstitious family, but we do and did love black eyed peas! Everyone needs to believe in something and believing in a talisman or good luck charm even if it comes in the form of a legume is half the battle of making your own luck happen.

Now I come from a long line of pea eating people! We didn’t just eat our peas plain either. My dad and brothers would drizzle hot pepper vinegar on their peas or Texas Pete and after I became a teenager I did as well. We also love chowchow on our vegetables.


So what is hot pepper vinegar? Well, you take a variety of small peppers 🌶 that you either purchase or grow in your garden. You thoroughly scald mason jars and lids. You then boil cider vinegar and pour the boiling vinegar into a jar filled with peppers. You let this sit for weeks until all the pepper flavors meld into the vinegar. Then you pour this on your peas. As I write this, it does sound odd. It’s funny what we feel is acceptable cuisine by what we grow up with. Chow chow is cabbage, peppers and onions boiled and chopped fine , and eaten on vegetables.

My grandfather was a tobacco farmer but he had a huge garden as well. He grew Dixie lee peas also. They are a southern pea, similar to a cross between a crowder pea and a sugar pea. A vivid memory of my childhood at my grandparents involves, many women, aunts, cousins etc, sitting in ladder back cane chairs on the porch with white huge enamel bowls and shelling peas or butter beans all day long. I mean all day until your fingernails are green and your thumbs are numb. They would can and freeze them for the year. Black eyed peas are more of a South Carolina low country pea.

Hoppin John, is black eyed peas, pork and rice.

the recipe I’m using today is from southern living!

Southern living magazine is also a southern staple found in just about every southern ladies home for the best recipes ever that are tried and true.

I’ll take my luck anyway I can get it!

I’m gonna HOP to it in the kitchen! Happy new year y’all!!