Sometimes a chance is all you need…

Who’s soul doesn’t feel ignited after being around flowers? Have you ever repotted a dying plant or given much needed attention to a flower that was almost deemed ready for the trash, only to find it thriving a month later? My mom and my sister always had the knack for digging up whatever living outdoor plant and carefully tending to it until in flourished. I would say that my sister turned herself into a master gardener. Her gardening skills are impeccably astonishing. Ive always preferred cutting anything in the garden and arranging them into works of art. A beautiful flower arrangement is like a masterpiece. God’s handiwork, beauty and poetry all arranged in a symphony of color for our eyes to gaze upon and bring us joy.

I love to create little arrangements with whatever is blooming in any season, even if its a vase of evergreens. Ive never had any formal training, but I know what I like and although its not a professional attempt I enjoy the finished product. My daughter, sister and my daughter’s future father in law did the flowers for my daughter’s wedding and I’ve done many arrangements for many events. Ive always entertained the thought of working in a florist. I enjoy making seasonal wreaths as well. For a couple of years, I have not been able to get the thought of working for a florist out of my head. Two weeks ago, it kept popping up in my daily ponderings. I rode past a small florist shop two times checking it out and looking at their facebook page etc.

So, whenever something has been forefront in my mind and that it feels as if God is tapping on my shoulder to get on with it, I just go for it. A week ago, I walked into the floral shop and was greeted by the owner, whom I’ve known for years because our daughter’s were in the same grade in school. I said, “Cindy, I’ve been wondering if you need any help in your shop and if so I would love to work for you.” She said, “Well actually, I do!” She said the employee that she had been using had left recently, and she had been running the store on her own. I then told her that I was a quick study and I think that we would work very well together! I worked three days last week and I love it . I have one month to learn all of the ropes before her busy time.. Valentines Day.

Ive always been surprised and appreciative when I feel God leading me down certain paths and planting a seed in my mind. He doesn’t let up with his persistent whispers in my ear. I’m so glad I stopped and let him lead my down this fragrant path to the little secret Garden. I’ll keep you all posted on how its going!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes a chance is all you need…

  1. So happy and jealous for you. It’s crazy I do the same thing with flowers🌺 I have always wanted to have a florist . It’s my dream job since I can’t paint that well at all🤗 I take flower arrangements back and forth to the beach all the time💐💐💐. Sherry

    1. Thanks sherry!!! You would be amazing at a florist! Your wreaths are terrific and you can paint well !!!!!

  2. I have no doubt you’ll creat beautiful arrangements and people will love them! Send some pics of your favorites:)

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