Sunday Morning Sunshine

Sunday mornings growing up were usually spent getting ready for church and eating pillsbury cinnamon rolls which were a wonderful warm and gooey treat that i would look forward to. Another morning ritual was watching or listening to CBS Sunday Morning. That long standing show has always offered me just enough meaningful news along with a heartwarming story of determination or survival and always a story on an artist in some type form either, music, writer or visual art. I to this day love this show and my husband and I DVR the show to watch at our leisure. My daughter also as well, recently told me that she has always loved this show. The show has always ended with 60 seconds of noises in nature as they show a place in the U.S. of pure beauty and stillness or tranquility. It’s in those 60 seconds that I am amazed at how much as americans we need to stop and take in our remarkable freedom to have all of this perfection of nature that we are free to explore.

My daughter told me yesterday that she had not watched the news in a month and feels better for it. I believe our 24 hour news is starting to backfire on many Americans. Truly when Walter Cronkite would come on and give us 30 minues of news, most families including children watched the news with their parents and they had a real feel for what was going on in the world. I feel as a child, i knew more important facts about the world good and bad than todays teens do. Now, each news station tries to sensationalize everything into a sharp exageration. Im not saying that we should stick our heads in the sand, but I feel all the negativity displayed or heard is making people avoid the news altogether or creating pessimism in our lives.

If every evening I could turn into a news program resembling Sunday Morning, with real news for the first half and then a feel good story and then a minute of natures beauty to bring us all back to a greater since of a real world. The reality is, there has always been good and evil, love and hate, republicans and democrats, ups and downs in the stock market but on the flip side there will always be so much good. I’m aiming for Optimism. We need as americans to be reminded daily of a humanity deemed in faith, hope and peace. So I leave you this morning with this sixty second view of beauty from the perfect Appalachian Mountains. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Awesome post, Miss Susie. You seem to put words to so many of my subconscious thoughts and your words come to life with your vivid descriptions — artiste!

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