Having Faith like a child

I grew up in the church. We were a church going family. There was never a question, “Are we going to church?” You just got up on Sunday morning knowing that the day would be a pretty good day. My father was a choir director in whichever church we were attending. He had an amazing voice, and when he attended Duke university was president of the Duke glee club one year. Growing up I always had a feeling in my soul on Sunday afternoons after attending church, one of satisfaction or restoration. Sunday lunch was always the best meal of the week when my mom went all out. My parents grew up in small towns or more like crossroads where the church was the heartbeat of the community. My mom grew up in Bethesda Methodist church and my father in Olivet Methodist church. My grandmother played the organ and piano for 40 years at Bethesda. The church was everything to these families. Entertainment, support, Christian education, music, food, family life. Etc.

When did I lose the dedication and soul renewal that I felt?? Why have I allowed my Christian batteries to get weak. Why am I always needing jumper cables to start my Christian walk again? My faith is always in me, but situations and people and life start raining on my Easter parade and soon about November I’m in that rut again…

Spring has always renewed my soul. I realize that many people feel the same way in their Christian walk. Spring is obviously, rebirth of nature, rebirth of knowledge of the sacrifice Jesus took. Why do I have a hard time holding on to that energy that I feel from church at Easter?

Last evening I started the first of five classes with many members of my church in which we gather at a home, study a book that the church chooses to be our lenten study and then we share a meal together. I have enjoyed this every year and leave feeling satisfied that I’m back at the charging station just like the one close to my house for battery powered cars.

My soul, in winter feels trampled, like dead leaves 🍁 over the forest floor. My soul in Spring feels alive and joyful with Hope that everything is going to be ok. It is well with my soul is one of my favorite songs. I am going to try this year to bottle up some of this feeling and save it for my self on the days when my faith feels trampled. I’m going to look for new growth and the tiny shoots of rebirth that emerge from my forest.

Flowers have always been a topic of conversation in my family. My mama loved her flowers. My sister is a master gardener. Even my brother has lovely flowers that were my mom’s that he has dug up and moved. I’ve dug up my mamas iris bulbs and moved them wherever I’ve moved. When I see those green stalks rising up every spring from the ground in my back yard, it’s as if my mom is telling me, “I’m here with you.” Jesus is also saying to me, “wake up gal smell the flowers, wake up your senses”. Maybe that’s why he led me to my new job working in a flower shop where I can restore my soul everyday I work there with His beauty and His promise to me. No matter what kind of day I’m having, when I go to work and see those flowers, even these past few dreary months, my soul gets restored. I’ve made a promise this winter to myself to avoid the people and situations that drain my Joy. I’m trying to restore that peace within that I get in Spring from the message of Easter and God’s messages to me that he keeps trying to deliver to me.

I’m thankful for another Spring which will arrive in a week. Im living my best life right now. My batteries are on full charge and I’m ready for the resurrection!