Kentucky Fried Chicken and a 10 pound Baby


It was April 10, 1991 I had been to my doctor that day, Dr. Walt Neal, whom I think the world of .  It was my due date for the baby boy in the picture above.  That day in the office I was told that i was actually 4 cm. Dialated and that I should just go home and wait it out since at the time I was not having any contractions or pains or anything really.  If the truth be told, I had been feeling amazing during the whole pregnancy.  At the time, my daughter, Kristin was 2 and 4 months old.  That afternoon I was starving and asked my husband if he would stop and get a bucket of chicken from KFC.   In hind site, it probably would have made more sense to eat a light salad and go to bed, but that crispy poultry goodness was calling my name.  I probably gobbled up two large pieces of Kentucky’s finest, made sure my bags were ready for the hospital by the door and straightened up the house and went to bed about 10.  I was woken up at 2ish in the morning to what felt inside me like a large balloon popping.  It’s as if i heard it and felt it all at the same time.  That pop was my water breaking which I’m sure was not audible, but in my mind it was a loud pop as David Michael decided he no longer wanted to stay still.  

My husband quickly called My neighbor and good friend whom had been on call that week for us to come stay with my daughter in case I went into labor.  I jumped in the shower and quickly realized i was in full blown labor.  My contractions were right behind each other, and I knew that the babies head had dropped and i could only take small steps.  My husband carefully chose my lovely purple sweat pants, that he dug out of a drawer from who knows where and some sweatshirt that I think I used as an old paint shirt and carefully tried to get ,u pants on me/. My friend started crying as she saw me trying to make my way to the car at 2:30 a.m.  I could not sit and had to lay across the seat as we sped to the hospital which was only 3 miles thank goodness.  I informed the nurse as I entered the hospital  that I knew I was in full labor, and she said honey you just feel that way, there’s no way you are.  However, after getting the hospital gown on me, they realized I had arrived ready to roll and at 10 cm.  However, David was no little baby and it required a wee bit of prayer and determination to get that boy into the world, but without any drugs and that amazing ability and fortitude that we women possess in times like these, he came into our life and he heard his first words by a nurse that exclaimed…..


Little did they know, but that 10 pounder also was born with a BIG PERSONALITY!  David has always had a joy for life.  He was such a good baby, and because of his size,he just wanted to sleep and eat.  His big sister was only jealous when her brother was one week old and realized that the newness was starting to wane, and that this kid was here to stay, but because he was a great sleeper, there was plenty of time for his sister, and she began to adore him and decided she was his little mama.

A couple of months ago, I went to visit my son,  whom lives a few hours away from us, and he said, “OK. Mom when am I going to to get a blog written about me? Because you’ve written about others in our family.   This was true, but there is so much to write and I love that boy so much that it’s hard to put that much love into a couple of pages.

Raising David, has been an absolute joy.   He and I are very much alike, which at times was great and at other times was challenging.  We can both be stubborn, we can both be emotional, we can both try to be pleasers and try to make everyone happy and we were both just B students with a few A’s and a C thrown in there as well.

The Greatest things I can say about David, is that he is first Kind and has an integrity that is so admired.  Recently I heard several past presidents discuss what they thought was the best attribute someone could have and they all said a strong integrity.    David is a hard worker and as honest as they come.  He was always a tremendous athlete, and the joy that came from taking him to practices, watching soccer games, tennis matches, track meets, basketball games, flag football etc were the best of times.

He has had a couple of trying times the past few years, but he somehow is the one that reassures his parents that everything is fine and that he is great.  It takes quite a lot to get him upset and is not easily ruffled by things and always says, “Mom, don’t worry, this is a minor problem.”

David, received a Busisness Management degree with a minor in supply chain management and  was one of 8 chosen to be hired in a management training program with a large grocery chain.   The premise of the program is simple:  to make decisons at the corporate level regarding a grocery store,  that person should know what its like to do every job within the store, from icing cupcakes in the deli, slicing meat, working in the meat dept. , running the cash register, being assistant manager and then manager before they can rise years later to make corporate decisions.  Most of that 8 other than David and one other ended up not making it thru 4 years of rising  up to corporate.  Grocery store management is an extremely hard job.  However, proud mama moment.  David ended up being the youngest manager in the company’s history and is now holding a very good job at corporate.  His hard work and determination paid off. Now with all of this bragging don’t get me wrong, between the ages of 14 to 16, many times I wanted to strangle that boy.  When David would start to talk back, his sister would say, “stop david she’s going to blow!”

Probably the proudest moment of his whole life came after his Eagle Scout board of review.  David still says out of everything he has ever accomplished, having  the men that helped him go through scouts, , shake his hand and congratulate him on becoming Eagle was his biggest win in life.

Two years prior to his earning rank of Eagle, David got in trouble at a scout camp out for something in which he was blamed for doing something that caused him to miss Summer camp  with the scouts in which put him behind from having enough merit badges in his climb to gain eagle earlier.  On the night of his board of review in front of 5 of his leaders, after they declared he had the rank of Eagle, he told them that he needed to tell them something.  He asked if they remembered the prank that he was blamed for the years ago, and he confessed that it actually was not himself that did it.  He took the fall for an older scout that was just on the cusp of gaining Eagle status.  He also told us that night as well. He kept that secret for two years even though it cost him much pain because so many were upset.  He has never told who that older scout was.  We do not know why he did that and suffered the consequences for another’s bad actions, but he made a promise to someone and kept the promise and that my friends is called Integrity.  My husband and i have always said, that our children are way better people than we are, and as a parent, isn’t that really all we could ask for?

David, your mama has been proud of you and loved you more than you will know.  You will never know that kind of love until you have a child of your own. .  I am blessed to call you a son  and friend.  I’m going to grab a bucket of KFC to celebrate your 28 years and I will continue to pray for my boy every morning as I’ve always done and ask God to protect him, keep him happy, humble and well.  Emily, God bless you for caring and loving my boy.  We love you too and wish you both the world.

love , mom